Thursday 9 February 2017

two new releases: low 31 and mrak

on the turning of the year 2016/17 I worked on site with two different spontaneous sound installations that were published as separate releases. low frewuencies, so use good headphones or speakers!

Catching the sounds

Gaudant garsus from alas23 on Vimeo.

short video documentation of one day field recording workshop in Anyksciai

Friday 11 December 2015

Kinokophonography compilation CD

New compilation CD/digital download featuring tracks from Kinokophonography listenings. Funds from the sale of this CD will go towards the development of future Kinokophonography events.

Tuesday 17 November 2015


Kitokios muzikos dirbtuvėlė from alas23 on Vimeo.

7th of August, 2015. Art center of Utena. Program of curated residencies QUESTIONING ARTS. Educational workshop of sound hosted by artist Audrius Šimkūnas aka SALA.

Aqua Radio

New album "Aqua Radio" released by beautiful label "LOM" from Slovakia. The material was recorded 4 years ago, when I started to "toy" with diy underwater microphones. And, after several alpha models, I came with something more or less useful. A pair of piezos, round box from "Nivea" cream, plastidip - not so expensive elements of construction... It worked quite well, but I haven't managed to reach a sufficient level of durability, so after a pair of repairs I throwed it into trash. Anyway, the records persist and here is it. Underwater bugs singing, bubbling photosynthesis, movement of flora presented here in unprocessed way. CD or download.

Persistent listening

Monday 30 June 2014

3 Mounds: Re-Play on Echomusic Label

“The signs on the old stone Are silent But the music of the barrows Is still heard.” (P. Panavas, poet from Utena) 3 Mounds: Re-play was recorded live in the studio, in the May 2014, using sound material (collected in April 2012) from the areas of the ancient places – mounds, which are located around Utena town. However, this is not a mapping of particular place or some kind of acoustic document. The album is free interpretation of a short time-space moment, reconstruction of details, conjuration of then and now.