Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Installation on "Vilnius Art 2013"

JURGITA ŽVINKLYTĖ (image), 2013 m.

AUDRIUS ŠIMKŪNAS aka SALA (sound), 2013 m.

"This audio and video installation is an attempt to get into some concrete spaces such as Narkūnai Mound Valley, Old Jewish Cemetery and Reclamation-related Stone Field, as well as the way in which we should appear, move and exist within them, so that we feel organic and not distract them with our presence there. The places were chosen intentionally, not by chance, as they are significant for the both authors because of their energetics, mystery and some kind of mysticism and because of their personal relationship and experiences connected with those places, which the artists, both of whom come from Utena, have in mind. As far as physical perception of a work of art is concerned, it can be viewed at from at least three perspectives: first, looking at the image; second, listening to its sound; third, both looking at it and listening to it simultaneously. The autonomy of the image and the sound separately is suggestive of looking at the work of art; on the other hand, both the image and the sound are very much related as they are inspired by the same places, even born out of them, as if they were fellow travellers, who not only go together, but who walk next to each other."

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